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With the recent adoption of Level 4 Zero Carbon Step Code by multiple municipalities in the region, the choices for domestic hot water are becoming increasingly limited. While heat pump hot water systems have been available for a number of years in residential applications, large-scale centralized systems are relatively new territory for the industry.

To keep our members up-to-date with this evolving area of our business, UDI Capital Region in conjunction with Olympic International Sales Ltd is happy to host Small Planet Supply, a producer of centralized Heat Pump Water Systems such as the WaterDrop and Droplet Systems.

This event will be in person, as Small Planet Supply will be bringing a completed WaterDrop system to showcase how the system is constructed. Additionally, there will be a presentation focusing on the information that the development community needs to make informed decisions on system selection:

· Impacts of Zero Carbon on system selection

· General cost of the systems (comparisons)

· Potential savings of the system (short and long term)

· Durability and replacement of the system components (service life)

· Benefits in terms of construction timelines (critical path, commissioning, etc.)

We look forward to seeing you there for this informative session that will have a continuing impact on our community!




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Bayview Place Presentation Centre

80 Saghalie Road
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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About Small Planet Supply

Small Planet Supply is a passionate champion of the concept that humans can construct buildings to live in, while caring for and restoring the environment. We think that it's possible to build both classic and modern high performance buildings with non-toxic, low embodied energy building materials that are safe to source, and safe to use to create comfortable low-energy buildings. 

A division of WestCoast Associates Inc. (established in 1998), the Small Planet Workshop opened in late 2009 in Olympia, Washington to support the growing interest in high-performance building envelope construction found in Passivhaus & Zero Energy Buildings. The "Workshop" part of our name was chosen to reflect our early role as a place to think about and find solutions to the sourcing and application problems of super-insulated and air tight assemblies that would be the backbone of North American Passivhaus development.  

In 2015, our company changed its name to Small Planet Supply as more people got to know us as a trusted mainstream supplier delivering the solutions we had worked out and brought to market in our early "workshop" days. 

Small Planet has a long list of early adoption, including: