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We are a non-profit association, supporting industry professionals and affiliates with the information, education and representation they need to thrive in our local development industry.

With over 190 corporate members, we represent thousands of individuals involved in all facets of land development and planning. Founded in 1972 in the Pacific Region, we have dedicated the past 45 years to supporting and representing the industry through research, professional development and education opportunities, and strong relationships with government, media and the public.


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Emily Donner


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Urban Development Institute – Capital Region (UDI-CR), Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA), and Canadian Home Builders Association – Vancouver Island (CHBA-VI), are pleased to announce the inaugural Vancouver Island Building Industry (VIBI) Awards. This one-of-a-kind industry event will formally recognize the work the construction and development industries do across Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and coastal British Columbia.

Event Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024




Victoria Conference Centre - Crystal Garden
Douglas Street 713
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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For additional event or venue information, please send an email to emilyd@udi.org

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Outstanding Community Development - Sponsored by Concert Properties

This category honours projects that make a significant positive impact on the surrounding community. These developments prioritize community engagement, social responsibility, and sustainable practices, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing the quality of life for residents and stakeholders.


Outstanding Mixed-Use Development - Sponsored by RJC Engineers

Recognizing projects that successfully integrate diverse uses such as residential, commercial, retail, and recreational spaces within a single development. These projects demonstrate innovative design and planning strategies that create vibrant, dynamic urban environments, promoting connectivity and enhancing the overall urban experience.


Outstanding Purpose-Built Rental Development - Sponsored by Colliers

This award celebrates excellence in the development of rental properties designed specifically to meet the needs of tenants. These developments prioritize affordability, quality, and long-term sustainability, providing safe, comfortable, and inclusive housing options for individuals and families within the community.


Outstanding Industrial Development - Sponsored by West Urban Developments

Highlighting outstanding achievements in industrial development, this category recognizes projects that demonstrate excellence in design, functionality, and sustainability within the industrial sector. These developments contribute to economic growth, job creation, and innovation while minimizing environmental impact and promoting efficient resource utilization.


Outstanding Commercial/Retail Development - Sponsored by BTY Group

Celebrating excellence in commercial and retail development, this award honours projects that enhance the vitality and attractiveness of commercial districts, shopping centers, and retail destinations. These developments showcase innovative design, tenant mix, and placemaking strategies that create memorable experiences for visitors and contribute to the economic vitality of the surrounding area.


Outstanding Office Development - Sponsored by PCRE Group

Recognizing exceptional office developments that set new standards for design, functionality, and sustainability. These projects demonstrate innovative workplace environments that prioritize employee well-being, productivity, and collaboration while incorporating cutting-edge design features and sustainable building practices.


Outstanding Innovation – Financing, Design, Affordability, Technology - Sponsored by Olympic View Land Development Corp.

This award celebrates groundbreaking innovations in real estate development, including innovative financing models, design solutions, affordability strategies, and technological advancements. The recipient of this award demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that pushes the boundaries of traditional development practices and contributes to positive change within the industry.

Outstanding Development Overall – Best of the Best - Sponsored by Fortis BC

This award recognizes the pinnacle of achievement in real estate development, celebrating projects that excel in all aspects, including design, sustainability, innovation, and community impact. The recipient of this award represents the highest standard of excellence within the industry, demonstrating exceptional quality and vision.


Difference Maker of the Year - Sponsored by Gablecraft Homes

The recipient of the Difference Maker of the Year award must have an outstanding performance, superior dedication, and a positive attitude within their organization and the community at large. They must be seen as a role model within their company who works continuously to improve the development industry and be recognized by industry peers as a leader within their area of expertise. Finally, they must have demonstrated their commitment to mentoring the next generation of the development industry.


Emerging Leader of the Year, Under 40 - Sponsored by Pooni Group

Celebrating the achievements of young professionals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and potential in the real estate development industry. The recipient of this award exhibits a strong commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and community engagement, serving as a rising star and future leader within the industry.

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